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Easy Methodology to Find Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are multiphrase search queries, combination of three or more words, that visitors use in search engines to arrive at a website. Long-tail keywords are much more targeted than the general or main keyword topic, and they literally express the visitor's need for specific information.
The benefits of choosing long-tail keywords are that these keywords have high conversion rate, and they are easier to rank as competiton will be less for these keywords.
There are many free and paid keyword research tools available. But none of them really provide long-tail keywords related to a particular niche.
There is way to find out the hidden, long tail, highly profitable and high conversion rate keywords using Google Suggest. Here, I am going to explain you a methodology that Ifollow to find long-tail keywords.
Google Suggest: It is easy to find long tail keywords using Google suggest. Go Make sure that you open and not in regional Google website like
Google Suggest analyzes what you're typing into the search box and offers relevant suggested search terms in real time. You can choose one of the suggested queries by moving up or down the list with the arrow keys or mouse.
For example, search with "dog beds". As you type, it gives you key phrases. You should see some key phrases that are not in our previous list like "dog beds for gaint danes.", "dog beds for gaint dogs." etcc
These are long-tail keywords.
Play around with it by typing slowly and going alphabetical.
"dog beds a"
"dog beds for"
Make a list of all the keywords suiting to your niche.
Open Google suggestion tool and enter all the keywords you have noted before and find the monthly volume search. Make sure that you select "Match Type" as "Exact". This way you can find the hidden, highly profitable keywords using Google suggestion tool.
TIP: Choose the keywords that have a monthly volume search of a minimum of 1500. Create dedicated pages to these keywords and optimize them.

Want to know more about how to find long tail keywords, how to determine exact search count of these keywords, optimize them and drive traffic?
Find the free report here.
Indu Priya is the owner of Theideashome, helps small business owners in marketing their products and services using unique traff

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