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Deriving Maximum Value From Internal Links

Links, the cornerstone of off-page SEO elements are widely considered to be external references pointing to the pages of a website. Link Building is usually considered to be an activity which has nothing to do with the website. However, delving a little deeper in to the link evaluation strategies of search engines will make you realise that links need not always be external and that a lot of value can be derived by making good use of pages within the website itself. In fact, an understanding of Google PageRank can help you identify that links to a page for quantification purpose, are counted merely in numbers and one of the best ways to acquire these numbers are pages that are a part of the website themselves. So, how to smartly use these abundant links (through pages within) and derive maximum link equity?
Here are a few suggestions
Hierarchical Organization
Arrange the website as an organized hierarchy of pages. This will automatically yield the sitemap structure. For large websites, the hierarchy can be separated into sections and sectional sitemaps can be generated, controlling the amount of links on the sitemap pages. The hierarchy also helps in generating XML sitemaps, used largely by the search engines.
Intra sectional linking
With the website being organised hierarchically, sections (or categories) are natural fallout. These sections are basically closely related collections of pages and provide an excellent opportunity to create a closely linked structure within them. Intra sectional linking can be achieved through sectional navigation (e.g. section oriented left navigation), section focused footer linking etc. As links to every other page within the section exists on all pages, it results in close coupling of the sectional pages leading to a strong intra sectional linking scenario.
Inter sectional linking
Inter sectional linking results from cross-references as

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